About Us

We are the spaces we create®

Cool & unique products from all over the world delivered to your home.

We aim to become a destination for the home space by providing superior customer service and generating tremendous value for our customers.

We find cool & unique items all over the World and dropship them directly from the manufacturer to your doorsteps. We foster relations with reliable suppliers who carry and/or manufacture great and unique products.

Worth noting is the fact that we are not the typical Dropshipper. Our suppliers and their products are carefully curated.

So, before you buy, remember we focus on value, not speed. If you need your product tomorrow, you are in the wrong place. Try Amazon.

How we sell

Our method is very simple.
Once we’ve found the products, we show them as follows:

Joum’s Featured Collection

Always featured in our homepage, this collection is a set of products we’ve fallen in love with while exploring manufactures/suppliers. Products in a featured collection usually follow a theme.

Joum’s Hero Product

This is our favorite product at any given time. You’ll find it in our homepage and main menu.

Joum’s Hero Category

This is our favorite category of products at any given time. Which category becomes a Hero Category depends on the amount of products leading our overall catalog. You’ll find it in our homepage and main menu.

Gift Ideas

We always keep a short list of gift friendly products. Items we know will always make our customers look good when making a gift.

Shop All Products

Once Hero Products or Collections retire, we move those products to their respective category under “Shop All Products” in the main menu (top on desktop, bottom on mobile), where they remain listed until the manufacturer runs out of stock.

How to Stay Up to Date

As you can see, our storefront is very dynamic. We recommend subscribing to our site to receive notifications of new Hero Product, Hero Category and Featured Collection releases.

We value our customers and welcome their feedback and suggestions. Use the Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

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