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A gondola flowing along the river and you hugging a loved one is one of the first associations that arises when you think of Venice. And this is no accident, because this vehicle is one of the main symbols of the Italian city. And everyone would dream to go there at least once.


Country Ukraine
Brand Wood Trick
Material Eco friendly plywood
Movement Mechanical
Assembly Without glue
Assembly Self
Quantity of parts 82
Model size, l*w*h* 13.18*4.60*6.92 in
(335*117*176 mm)
Packing size, l*w*h* 7.40*7.40*1.37 in

(188*188*35 mm)

Complexity of assembly Easy
Assembly time 1 hour
Weight of the model in package 1.55 lb (0.705 kg)
Recommended Age 14+
Assembly Instructions

Inspired by this romantic image, we created the Gondola kit. In this model there is a small secret. Turn the key a couple of times and a hidden box will pop out from the side panel. In such a secluded place you can easily keep the romantic messages or things that dear to your heart.

The constructor Gondola will be a great gift for girls of any age. After all, it is not only an interesting kit that can be assembled at your leisure, but also an unusual element of decor that will stay with you for a long time.


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