Reusable Filter Mesh Bag



The perfect addition to an eco-friendly home and an ideal reusable bag and filter. This nylon mesh bag is ideal for both storing fruits and vegetables as well as washing and rinsing them. The mesh is woven to allow water to drain, and the fabric allows you to wash your fruits and vegetables right in the bag! Available in various sizes, take your home to an eco-friendly level and say goodbye to plastic and wasting water.



Certification: CIQ

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Size S: 9x16cm

Size M: 14x20cm

Size L: 19x28cm

Size XL: 23x46cm

Size XXL: 30x60cm

Feature2: Nylon Fine Mesh


International orders (Outside of USA) will be shipped from our China warehouse


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9x16cm, 19x28cm, 14x20cm, 30x60cm, 23x46cm


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