SJ01 Silicone Face Cleaner


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The way people cleaning and massaging skin with hands, in combination with song pulse technology, the On-Roll material cleaning objects DEEPER cleaning effect, unlogging doors of makeup repeat, andRechargeDirt and oil that can contribute to ULT-onset Acne break out, then let the skin look for the skin and rest, import the beauty of your skin care products.

Enjoy a daily skin care routine with “finger” and silico brush all at the same time

Black Technology “Magnetotherapy”, Rotating magnetic field

The magnetic field can regulate the biological magnetic field inYourBODYAndIndustry micro-current,WhichChange the stability of the cell membrane, the activity of the enzyme,Expand blood vessels andAccelerate the blood Flow,Thereby weddingAssistant effects surprise as detection and lymphatic verification.

TheMagnetic beads production a rotating magnetic field.Long-term use as a good effect on your skin.

4Function mode:

Mode 1:Standard sonic pulse massage intelligence with wearing

GneticBeads function on

Mode 2: StrongSonic pulse massage intelligence with decoration

Magnetic beads functions on

Mode 3:Sonic pulse mass function off, ONLY shipping

Beads function on

Mode 4: StrongSonic pulse IntelligenceOn DRotating magnetic

Beads function off

Mode memory function

90 s auto continuous working time with modeSet

Smart indicator light system:

·Light lights when switching mode

·Charging with breathing lighting

·Light flashes as identification of low battery

·Light stay on as identification f full charge

80 uses per full charge

Battery capacity 200mAH


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Blue, Purple, Pink, Green


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