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Teal Zeus

Durable Dog Collar - Red/Black

Durable Dog Collar - Red/Black

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Adjustable Collar for small to medium size dogs.

Introducing our adjustable collar designed specifically for small to medium-sized dogs! This collar is not only comfortable and secure but also stylish and practical. Keep your furry friend looking and feeling great on all their daily walks and adventures. Say goodbye to uncomfortable collars and hello to the perfect fit for your beloved pup!

M 1.0inch(2.5cm) 20.8inch(52cm) 12.8-15.6inch(32-39cm) 2.1oz(60g)
L 1.2inch(3.0cm) 23.2inch(58cm) 15.2-18.8inch(38-47cm) 2.6oz(75g)

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