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Sky Pandion

BrushPro - Dog Pet Bathing Brush

BrushPro - Dog Pet Bathing Brush

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It's a super convenient way to bathe your pets with the BrushPro Bath Brush!

The best bath brush to have is one that is very easy to use for your pet’s bath time. This bath brush has a dual-purpose use of combing your pet's fur and shampooing it at the same time. It has a shampoo container installed in it, so every time you use the brush on your pet, you're also squirting some

shampoo into its fur to easily clean and untangle the fur.

Available in the following colors/quantities:

  • 1 Pink
  • 1 Teal
  • 2 Pink
  • 2 Teal
  • 1 Pink & 1 Teal
  • 2 Pink & 2 Teal


  • Safe and Durable - It is made out of high quality silicone with super soft bristles, making it comfortable and suitable for pets' skin. It provides a gentler touch, is friendly to your dog, and keeps pets clean and healthy.
  • Efficient and Clean - The combination of shampoo and brushing can provide a quick and thorough washing of your pets and also improve the dog and cat's blood circulation. Its lightweight and compact size make it convenient to carry and easy to use.
  • Premium Quality - The brush is designed with a shampoo container that is refillable and easy to squeeze to create rich foam. It also has a non-slip grip design that easily fits your hands. Not only does it save space, but hanging storage also offers a comfortable grasp.

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