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Metal Time technical creativity kits are a combination of design and technology and a high-quality stainless steel product, created using high-precision equipment.

Laser cutting, engraving, and metal etching turn the assembling of Metal Time models into a comfortable experience. Manufacturing technologies practically exclude mismatching parts, burrs, roughness or sharp edges.

The set of tools is needed for models assembling to carry out all the proper operations and to give the product a finished look.

Especially for this, there is a set of tools in each box of constructors of size L and above.

Metal Time also has a wide range of small constructor models that do not come with tools.

To assemble the model correctly and beautifully, following the instructions, it is advisable to use tools specially designed for working with stainless steel parts instead of handy tools.

To do this, you can get the Expert toolkit.

The set of tools includes:

- tweezers;

- pliers;

- long nose pliers;

- file.

Pliers are the primary tool for assembling Metal Time models because they help to bend metal eyelets - the main element for fastening parts to each other.

Many models are complicated metal compositions with mechanisms inside. To facilitate access to such a complex structure and to attach parts to each other, long-nose pliers are used.

Using tweezers, you can separate the parts from the sheets, fold them and remove them from the model body if necessary.

The file is designed to remove burrs, sharp edges, fit parts and tabs for fastening them.

A set of tools is useful not only for assembling models. During the using of models, fasteners may loosen, parts of mechanisms may lose coherence, some parts may break. Therefore, it will be easy and convenient to make quick repairs or preventive maintenance of the model using a set of tools.

The Expert toolkit will help you to assemble or repair Metal Time models comfortably, safely with the best results.

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