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Sticky Bottoms: removable sole protectors

Sticky Bottoms: removable sole protectors

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Shopworn soles?
Disappearing red?
Buyer’s remorse?

The Solution is Sticky Bottoms: removable sole protectors.

For the price of your Louboutin red sole shoes, it would be nice to keep them red. This sticker does just that and is also useful for sample pairs at shoe stores or when you aren’t quite “soled” on a recent purchase. Hello resale on eBay. Just trace your shoe, cut and stick. When you are done with them, Sticky Bottoms easily removes without sticky residue, keeping the red sole shoes looking brand new. 

Just place your shoe on the paper side, trace, cut out, and stick onto the sole, as shown in the image.

*Give miles to and extend the life of your Sticky Bottoms by using them in conjunction with Kung Shoe Grip or Gripalicious- especially useful because Sticky Bottoms do not provide any traction.*

Disclaimer: The adhesive is made to release cleanly, but can take some sole paint with it if the paint job was defective (not completely dried onto the sole) OR if moisture gets absorbed between the sole and the paint and loosens the paint. We have heard of this twice in over 10,000 uses. It also will not protect against divots if you walk on rocks. We recommend using Gripalicious on top of Sticky Bottoms for maximum protection.

4 pieces small (suitable for high heels), each 4.15 x 5 inches / 10.5 x 12.7 cm
2 pieces large (suitable for flats and mens shoes), each 5.4 x 11 inches / 13 x 35 cm
Made in the USA

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