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Taupe Corydalis

Wood Therapy 13 Elements - Colombian Therapies (Wall Shelf Included)

Wood Therapy 13 Elements - Colombian Therapies (Wall Shelf Included)

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Experience an awakening of the senses with this complete kit that incorporates various wooden pieces to perform different massage techniques on face and body. Each element is specially designed to balance energy, firm, and tone the body, or fight cellulite. Lavish spa treatments are now possible at home with our deeply relaxing massage experience that can be enjoyed by all ages. The relaxation begins when your therapist gently applies pressure while rolling the Swedish cup over your skin. Then they switch it up with a variety of other tools that target specific areas of your body. This combination of techniques will leave you feeling totally relaxed as every nerve in your body is gently soothed. We're not talking about just another massager, but an entire experience that combines feeling like royalty with being royally pampered.


Body Molding

Measurements Reduction



  • 1x Cubes Roller Massager
  • 1x Curved Roller Massager
  • 1x Fluted Roller Massager
  • 1x Swedish Cup
  • 1x Swedish Cup with Roller
  • 1x Mushroom Cup
  • 1x Multiphasetic Shaping Table
  • 1x Belt Massager
  • Facial Kit: 1x Mini Swedish Cup, 1x Mini Mushroom Cup, 1x Mini Flat Roller, 1x Mini Fluted Roller, 1x Mini Shaping Table


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